My life put into an instrument.

My name is Sergio Giovagnola and I come from Recanati, not a big town but extremely rich in terms of artistic heritage: the poet Giacomo Leopardi and the musician and actor Beniamino Gigli were born and lived here. I decided to entitle my presentation this way to convey as much as I can the huge passion toward the world of percussion, and in particular snare drums.

After a first experience as a drummer, I started little by little to have a big curiosity on how to build a drumset (in particular snare-drums) on my own. So I started studying drum shell construction methods and techniques, always having in mind the goal of being able to build the perfect drum shell for every genre and musical need and to satisfy the requests any drummer would have.

This led me to study with extreme commitment the methods and construction techniques of drums in solid wood, methacrylate, fiberglass and metal in general. I’ve learned a lot from Italian and non-Italian companies and master luthiers, finally reaching an adequate and correct knowledge of this art.

I immediately decided to make a real profession out of this passion, in respect of great master luthiers building professional drums, but also for the thirst of knowledge which is always unsatisfied and that only few masters can appease.
Now every day I dream of being able to work like these great masters, even alongside them, to share the art of giving birth to sound, to serve the music. Being at the top of musical instruments craft means to me fulfillment in life.