Power Disk & Star Pad

In addition to dealing with the production of handcrafted snare drums, I also wanted to develop the use of polycarbonate, to me one of the best materials for the protection of the bass drum head, subjected to the stresses of the pedal strokes. That’s why I decided to create this new line of products consisting of STAR PAD + POWER DISK, with an unmistakable design and guaranteed quality by SEMPITERNVS.
Thanks to the characteristics of strength, flexibility, elasticity and strong vibrational propagation, it not only decorates and protects your drum skin, but increases its volume and attack, reaching, in its most extreme expression, even the typical sound of a digital trigger. This product is absolutely versatile and can be reused and/or replaced quickly, cleanly and safely whenever desired.

Thanks to the professional double-sided adhesive already applied, supplied by SEMPITERNVS, you can experiment endlessly and reach any desired sound range; just replace the STAR PAD with another of different thickness or simply increase it, adding 1, 2 or 3 POWER DISK on it (according to your personal needs) thus bringing your bass drum to any type of desired sound.


Sergio Giovagnola


Snare drums so special and detailed deserve cases that suit like dresses. Safe, comfortable and fully customizable.

Packaging for Shipping

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