Luke Orsetti

A rock and jazz drummer, Luke started playing drums at the age of four. Whilst a teenager, he played in several bands and collaborated with guitar virtuoso Antonio Forcione and Italian new wave pioneers Baciamibartali among others before moving to London in the mid 1980’s. 

For the next 25 years Luke’s life in London was divided between his love for design and for music. He wrote music for, and played with, several rock bands including The Industry – signed to the Steve Weltman management (Phil Collins).  Steve defined Luke as the most exiting drummer he had ever seen in a rock band. With the band Tricknology, signed for the ‘black cat’ label of Skunk Anansie’s fame, Luke drummed on two European tours and played in a number of rock festivals across Europe. He collaborated in projects for the BBC and continued playing on  various albums both as a composer and as a musician. He briefly held the drummer’s throne with Hugh Bullen’s band (Finardi /Area) and collaborated with violinist Pippo Cerciello (Eugenio Bennato /Musicanova/ Teresa de Sio). 

In Italy Luke has written the music for the theatrical piece ‘Who is  Bartelbly’ directed by Moreno Giannattasio.
After a break from music during which time he focused on numerous commitments to his work in design, Luke has recently taken up drumming with renewed vigour further exploring his passion for customized acrylic drum kits leading to a brilliant collaboration with Sergio Giovagnola – a master craftsman and drum builder.  The result was the stunning Big Bang acrylic snare drum built with a 1 mm frost acrylic premium shell which features internal reinforcing beech rings glued to the shell using an innovative infrared process.

Luke has recently started two new projects with his childhood friend and collaborator, bass player Francesco Guidobaldi. Harika!, an early 1960’s inspired jazz band with pianist Andrea Donzelli and celebrated trumpeter David Uncini and Supafunka, a high energy quartet with Luca Serenelli and Andrea Stipa. Watch out for the big bang!