Patrizio Bonan

Patrizio Bonan was born in Modena in 1967. His musical career began in 1985 and since then he approached several musical styles (Funky, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Classical …) playing all over Italy. He studied drums with Mac Poldo and later with the great Mauro Gherardi, participating in several seminars of Dave Weckl, Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Tullio De Piscopo, Christian Meyer, Gregg Bissonette, etc. In ’87 he turned to classical and contemporary music, attending the renowned conservatory of Fiesole, under the guidance of Maestro Jonathan Faralli. Since 1998 he has been carrying out an intense didactic activity at the “Il Flauto Magico” school in Formigine (Mo). In addition to various Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical music groups he has collaborated with various italian and international musicians.

In recent years he has followed training courses for music teaching with teachers Laura Cattani, Lorenzo Ricci; course “Teaching in ensemble music” with teacher M ° Antonio Giacometti; Orff method professional training at B&B music. He collaborates in percussion workshops within the Agip colony in Cesenatico; in preparatory courses: music through familiar mechanisms such as voice (singing and spoken games), movement (rhythmic games on music) and through new mechanisms such as the use of instruments (Orff, tambourine, triangle, maracas, cymbals, sticks , glockenspiel and piano) and as writing small musical scores (the intent is to make music by speaking, singing, body moving, playing, writing and drawing. Experiencing music through multiple languages ​​and always in groups allows children to face the first steps of the musical path with spontaneity and naturalness and to develop and deepen the attitudes and predispositions of each one); “body percussion” projects for school-age children from 6/13 years old. Also to be included in the academic year 2000-2002 a music course with a qualified teacher (first notions of solfeggio and piano) and various projects for elementary schools (playing the cha-cha, I play, I sing and I am happy, the colors of music, rhythms in the world, fa sol lab, if you follow the right rhythm …, tribal sound, games and music).

Live and studio collaborations with: Graziano Romani (7 LPs recorded), Jenny B., MCR, Elio (Elio e le Storie Tese), Max Cottafavi (Ligabue), Woon Washington (Zucchero), Frank Raya tour of the ‘ 93, Gang and currently collaborator of the project “ASCOLTA! POOH TRIBUTE BAND”. He has also been part of orchestras such as: Orchestra del Maggio Fiorentino, Orchestra di Fiesole, Orchestra Pistoiese, Ensemble Baroque dè Matèus, etc.

Patrizio is endorser of the brands: Evo drumsticks, Code skins, TRX cymbals and Sempiternus snare drums.