Fabio Tomba

Born in Bologna in 1966 he began playing at the age of 16 as self-taught and then, under the guidance of Maestro Mauro Gherardi, he started a path through various musical genres. He continued his studies for about 8 years, then in 2001 he joined the rock band Anthera where he still plays today.

He collaborates with the RealSound Music School of Bologna and plays for various bands and artists including Metro’Music Band, ART, Valeria BurziBB Soul Band, Sabrina Kabua, Plantation Sound Chorus and others.

He works also as session drummer, working for the songs “I count on you” (Anthera), “Blackytude” (Valeria Burzi), “Planet Zero” (ART), “Le parole che non hai” (Meri Rinaldi)…

Since 2014 he is a Bandita Drum endorser and since 2022 he has joined the Sempiternvs family.