Name: Cast Acrylic by Sempiternus
Size: 14” X 8”
Material: Opal White PMMA – Methacrylate
Shell Technology: Cast Continued ( Full cast shell – no joints or welding ) by Sempiternus
Shell Composition: Solid Cast Shell- Thickness 5 mm
Internal reinforcement rings: same material and glued with UV technology*
Hardware: Professional Die-Cast Chrome /10 Tube Lugs
Hoops: Professional Die-Cast Chrome /10 Holes
Snare Wires: Puresound Custom PRO Series – 14″ 20 Strand Brass
Throw-Off + Butt End: Dunnet Drum USA
Finish: blood sketch – Artwork by Sara Giovagnola
Timbre Note: FA# / F#
Serial Number: #000047
Date: 09/2021
Logo: New Lion Design 2020 “The BAD”
All crystals set on the brand are original Swarovski
Additional options: Control unit and RGB LED strip applied inside snare shell. Infra-red remote control included.