Leo Angeletti

He has been playing drums for 60 years, starting with the historic Macerata group “Lions“; in ’68 he joined the trio of Jimmy Fontana; he then starts playing Jazz with Carlo Gargioni and Marco Cempini; he plays in the “Ritmica Locale” produced by Paolo Piangiarelli. He also plays in concerts and Jazz Clubs with Lee Konitz, Anita Moore Gravine, Earl Warren, Massimo Urbani then with Roberto Pascucci and Giacinto Cistola with Paolo Fresu, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Mike Turk, Flavio Boltro, Ada Montellanico, Nicoletta Manzini, David Occhipinti, in trio in Paris with Massimo Morganti on sax; then in Fuego Uruguayo, with Ricardo Leon and Cono Castro.
He has played with many jazz greats and with theater companies, directing music and original compositions.

“Luckily I’ve met Sergio Giovagnola and I started playing one of his jewels: my Sempiternvs snare drum is made of acacia staves; I play at a low volume, looking more for harmony than pure and simple rhythm, and that’s AMAZING! THANKS SERGIO!!!