Hesperus (factotum in the Hesperia project) was in the 90s a member of the Marche’s black metal band Sulphuria, one of whose songs appeared in a well-known Norwegian compilation of Oskorei Pro-ductions with some prominent bands of the scene. (Horna, Dornenreich, Frostmoon, and more).

In 1997 Hesperus left Sulphuria to realize his idea of a conceptual one-man-band devoted to epic and introspective elements. Each Hesperia album is a concept based on the history, literature, mythology of the Italic lands, in chronological order, and they are recorded in ancient and particular places. In 1998 Hesperus begins the first concept album based on Virgil’s Aeneid, the sacred Latin Poem which tells the birth of Rome from the union of Trojan and Latin roots.

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