Christian Lattanzi

He began to study drums at the age of 9 in a music school in Corridonia for about 4 years. Then he continued his studies as a self-taught drummer and in 2010 he formed his first band, “The Box Of Screams”. Over the years he has also played with other bands: Bartix 171, Red Clouds, Box Of Dreams, Escape From Stars. In 2017 he started playing in the Roberto Carpineti dance music orchestra, working on it for 4 years. Currently he plays in two bands: Denys & ChryMon and playing bass for 4 Seconds To Pub.

On June 26, 2021 his first self-produced instrumental album “The Perfect Storm” is released. Right now he is working on his second instrumental album and with the two aforementioned formations. He also works as a drum teacher.

Christian uses Pearl Crystal Beat drums, Sabian cymbals and Sempiternus snare drums
Zebra Wood Signature “Christian Lattanzi” 14 ”x 5.5” – Methacrylate 14 ”x 6.5” and a snare drum in Maple Signature “Christian Lattanzi” 14 ”x 8”.