Simone Medori

Simone Medori has attended the Musical Academy of Ancona as a pupil of Maestro Andrea Morandi. He will then follow courses by pro drummers such as Pino Liberti and Andrea Rabuini, refining reading, solfeggio, independence and speed. At Franco Rossi’s Modern Music Academy of Milan Simone studies with Archelao Macrillò. In 2018 he attains the qualification for second level teaching.

Musical experiences include collabs with Steff Burns, Diamond Head, Thomas Silver, Maurizio Solieri, Ricki Por-tera, Jhonson Ri-gheira, Tracy Spenser, Fiordaliso, Ivana Spagna and many others.

He works in studio on commissioned arrangements and production of unreleased songs and teaches to a various number of students of different ages and levels (“WAMozart” school in Civitanova Marche and Sonavox).