Methacrylate Shells with reinforcement rings

SEMPITERNUS SNARE DRUM finally offers a pivotal breakthrough regarding acrylic drums technology. The shell is made of methacrylate extruded in a single casting and the internal reinforcement rings are also cast to fit perfectly by mechanical pressing and UV gluing techniques, to overcome alterations in opacity, vulcanizations, yellowing, deformations on the area affected by the gluing. Through technical tests of traction and compression in the laboratory, Sempiternus can guarantee perfect adhesion, stability and compactness, as if the 3 parts (the shell and the two reinforcement rings) were cast together, in a single overall body.

In addition, the special UV gluing technique guarantees an absolutely perfect aesthetic, invisible to the human eye, transmitting the light beams uniformly, in case you want to apply (as an option) a remote controlled RGB LED lighting. The SEMPITERNUS acrylic shell has finally got a significant constructive improvement, standing out from all the rest.

Sergio Giovagnola