Solid Shells

The SEMPITERNVS “Solid Shell” construction involves the use of a single piece of solid wood, (among the finest timbers in the world), accurately seasoned for the highest quality standards. This piece of solid wood is then steam-bent and joined with an angle of 15° to increase the fastening surface and prevent any loss of adhesion. The thickness of the solid wood is always 5 mm, since this is the thickness designed and established to make the entire shell vibrate without any effort, enhancing the warmth of the tone and the inherent “voice” of wood. From the high dynamics of a rim-shot, up to the imperceptible ghost-note, everything is perfectly balanced and well resonating.

Two steam-bent reinforcement rings are inserted on top and bottom of the shell (same material of the shell). Their thickness is 10 mm, to give the shell more tenacity and stability when tuning the heads. With a chamfer (internal and external) of 45° angle, they act as a “slide” for the sound wave produced by the percussion by the stick or the hands, reaching the center of the shell. Wood bars are finally placed between the top and bottom reinforcements rings, keeping all the shell in resonating “comunication”.


Sergio Giovagnola