Stave Shells

The “Classic stave” shell technology provides a very robust and heavy sound box. Made with a total of 10 pure solid wood slats, selected and seasoned with extreme care. The thickness of the shell is 1 inch (2.54 cm approx.) plus 10 “SOULS” are installed inside it which have a dual function:

1) act as a “tapping” thus ensuring a tenacious seal between one plank and the other.

2) act as a “vehicle” for the transmission of the sound wave, from the beginning of the sound box to the end.

The edges are beveled at 45°, both internally and externally; an obvious Snare Bed is expertly finished, about 2.5mm deep.

Designed and built to be able and operate correctly, the range of tailpieces existing in the world, from the largest to the largest.

The shells are not turned and finished only on the outside, but the internal turning is also very important, which allows maximum fluidity and smoothness of the sound wave.

A personalized and professional finish definitely makes this musical instrument unique in its look and its kind, volume, reliability and above all longevity.

Sergio Giovagnola