BIOS Music


He started playing bass at the age of 11 as a self-taught. After recording in various studios, he realizes that working with audio is what he wants to do as a job. This new passion then led him to work as an audio technician and arranger for Media Records label. Here he works and collaborates for two years with various national and international DJs and producers.

He leaves for London to learn English language and he starts working for the London Evolution Studios, where he was initially commissioned to rebuild a recording studio almost from scratch, working as sound engineer and arranger for two years. He then decides to return to Rome collaborating with an international producer in his recording studio, as well as managing multiple contacts with labels and producers from all over the world.
In 2006 he decided to return to Milan and open his Bi-OS Music Productions (6 rehearsal rooms, recording studio, music courses). He becomes an audio mixing teacher at the Mediakademy in Turin. He attends several seminars of producers and sound engineers including one in Milan with one of the most famous producers in the world: Tony Maserati, Eddie Kramer, Marti Jane Roberson, Tommaso Colliva, Taketo Gohara, Giovanni Versari, etc.

Among the most relevant credits as a sound engineer (recording, mixing, mastering): Stef Burns, Juan Van Emmerloot, Snowy White, Rodolfo Guerra, Carlo Ori, Roberto Gualdi, Alberto Rocchetti, Alfredo Morabito, Aldo Valente, Jgor Gianola, Mauro Picotto, Amuka feat. Sheila Brody, Leee John, Spero Bongiolatti, Silvio Centamore, Eminencia Clasica, Jeff Jones, Blasphemer, Boarders, Media Records ITALY, Graham Gold, Steel Family Productions, Exilia, Bruno Tibaldi and many more…

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